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Winternet Projects
1: Scalable and Robust Routing

2: Router and Switch Architectures

3: New Architectures

4: Application Service Overlays and Peer to Peer

5: Self-regulating Traffic Control

Winternet - A Swedish Initiative for Advanced Internet Research

Winternet is a research programme aiming to enhance the Internet infrastructure to better accommodate todays requirements. Examples of the requirements are commercial (how to charge for a service), mobility (both for terminals and services), network scalability and ease of use (both for users and operators).

The programme has three research areas addressing key research issues in the evolution of the Internet infrastructure:

  • Routing architectures, which addresses scalability problems with today's routing and routers,
  • Service architectures and application overlays, which aims for an evolved overall Internet architecture, including a service architecture for the deployment and management of application services, and
  • Self-managed networks and terminals, which aims at simplifying and automating configuration and management for both users and network operators.

Winternet is a collaboration between SICS, Uppsala University, Luleň University of Technology and the Royal Institute of Technology. Winternet is a three year programme funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.

The Winternet project proposal is avaliable in PDF format.

Winternet is funded by:

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Latest News
The Winternet partners have received a two-year continuation grant from SSF. The continuation will focus on prototyping, consolidation of the results from the first three years, and dissemination of the results to industry and the scientific community.

Documentation from the Winternet Grand Finale workshop available.

Upcoming Events
26-27 October 2006
The 4th Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop in Luleå.

Programme Partners
Division of Computer Science and Networking, Luleň University of Technology

Laboratory of Communication Networks, Royal Institute of Technology

Computer and Network Archtectures Lab, Swedish Institute of Computer Science

CoRe / UU
Communications Research Group, Uppsala University

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